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Soli Drum and Dance Festival, May 22-25, 2009


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Our Partners

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If you believe in our cause,
become a Partner by donating hand drums or become a Member
 and let's save the children together.

Our Partners in Peace:

Babatunde Olatunji
1923 - 2003

thank you Baba for guiding us in bringing children together in peace and love.
We miss you already!


Our greatest thanks to Sageman Drums for being our newest partner (2003) by giving DnG "seconds" that we repair and give away to high-risk children so they can have a drum.
"Sageman Drums is our man.
No one can do it like Sageman Drums Can!"

Our thanks to Afro-Mart for their generous donation of kids djembes for Drums not Guns

African masks, djembe drums, bolga baskets for less.


City of Richardson, Texas
Wildflower Music Festival 2002

Djembe Drums & Skins
aka Shorty Palmer
For supporting our website and email lists with ongoing donations of djembes

Arthur Hull
thank you Arthur, for sharing your skills of rhythmaculture,
circle dynamics and assisting us in many children's drumcircles in
Dallas, Texas.

Baba Chuck Davis
for sharing his knowledge and bridging community

for being our webmaster and founder

Phil Stuntz, College Station, TX.,
for his generous donation of 3 ashiko's & 24 sistrums

Reed Plastics,
Duncanville, TX
our thanks to Reed Plastics for their generous donation of
158  5 gal water bottles for our 1st Summer drum program with the Ft. Worth Public Library, 1995

Rain Fresh Water
"The best bottled water"
Garland, TX for donating damaged plastic 5 gal water bottles that are made into drums

Taos Drums

thanks to Taos Drums for seeing our vision and for their generous donation of 39 frame drums, rattles and beaters that children loved to play.

thanks to Pro-Mark for their generous donation of 150 pr drumsticks

thanks to Remo Belie and Chris Hart for theirs generous support of
Arthur Hull and Paulo Mattioli who have helped us facilitate many drumcircles for the children and for donating
a Paulo djembe for our Summer 2000 drum raffle .

thanks to Toca/Kamen for their generous support of
Kalani who has helped us facilitate drumcircles for children

The Official Stomp Website
for sharing their Official Stomp workshop book with us

Ft. Worth, Texas
For loaning us djembes when we need them, for partnering in community drum circle events at the
Annual Main Street Arts and Music Festival

Mother Rhythm Drums
For donating a djembe to our cause, 12/2003
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