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redball.gif (326 bytes) Tabla Bibliography (9/98)
Batish Institute
redball.gif (326 bytes) Tabla Site (updated 10/99)
We are Chandrakantha and David Courtney, a husband-and-wife team who are involved in Indian Music.   Although we are based in Houston, Texas, we spend about 5 months out of each year on the road.   This time is spent teaching and performing.  
redball.gif (326 bytes) Taiko Drum Builder (12/99)
redball.gif (326 bytes) Therapuetic Drumming (11/98)
Traditional forms of therapeutic drumming
redball.gif (326 bytes) Tzara's Tabla Home Page
redball.gif (326 bytes) Tam Tam Mandingue Home Page . Email:
Information on Mamady Keita's Activities
redball.gif (326 bytes) TexasDrums CommUnity Home Page
Weekly drum and dance circles, in Dallas, Bastrop, North Texas, Austin, Corpus Christi, Stephenville, Houston, Lubbock. Information and various links maintained by Happy Shel, including links to TexasDrums CommUnity Bookstore and photos of Mamady Keita, Paulo Mattioli and Babatunde Olatunji's visit plus Rainbow and Burning Man.
redball.gif (326 bytes) Texas Music Industry Directory (05/01)
       may now be downloaded free of charge as a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat
        To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat, please go here:
redball.gif (326 bytes) Tinnitus FAQ (10/98)
Protect your hearing +
redball.gif (326 bytes) Transcripts of Interviews from David Cherniack Films
Interviews with Mickey Hart, Fred Dono, Glen Velez, Reinhard Flatischler, Trechi Shankaran, John Wyre .
redball.gif (326 bytes) Tumbadoras (3/99)
"...bringing the best of World Music to North Queensland..."
redball.gif (326 bytes) Antonio Villaronga's Music Page
An Introduction To Latin Rhythms with discussion of the 'clave' and other topics, as well as links to other resources
redball.gif (326 bytes) Virtual Conga
Lessons, Rhythms, links and instructional materials
redball.gif (326 bytes) Virtual Drummer School (11/08)
          The online school for drummers with more than 4000 videos
redball.gif (326 bytes) The Voice of the Drum (8/98)
is an edited version of a chapter from Wingspan: Inside the Men's Movement edited by Chris Harding and published by St. Martin's Press, New York, l992.
redball.gif (326 bytes) The "Voices of Africa" [2/99]
We are an all female African American percussion and choral ensemble. We perform a unique blend of a cappella singing with traditional African percussions in music that span the African Diaspora.
redball.gif (326 bytes) WADaBo West African Dance in Boston - Dedicated to the Promotion and Joy of West African Dance and Drum (05/04)
redball.gif (326 bytes) Washington State drum information (7/00)
The Drum and Dance happens monthly, not weekly.
redball.gif (326 bytes) The Weather Channel
Get the latest weather in the US
redball.gif (326 bytes) Web Radio - music from Africa (12/98)
1800 net radio stations around the world
redball.gif (326 bytes) West African Percussion
WAP-pages for West Africa Percussion Notation
Notations of Bolon,Dennadon, Djaakouroussa, Djabara, Djagbé, Dunumbè,
Kadan, Kennefoli, Lafè, Lolo, Sorofoli, Sorsornet, and others to follow. Also solo's breaks and intro's.
redball.gif (326 bytes) World Drum Festival - Amsterdam
redball.gif (326 bytes) World Music Radio (11/99)
From: "Flazzaro"   (Djembe-L member)
playing world music for the global community. I host a show, "global beats" every thur 10-12am PST, focusing on percussive music. I play lots of W. African as well as other drumming traditional and fusion music.
redball.gif (326 bytes) World Wide Drums (02/05)
Djembe and accessories, including books, cd's and videos
redball.gif (326 bytes) The Music of Yan Kuba Saho (7/98)
YANKUBA SAHO, a kora player from Gambia.
redball.gif (326 bytes) Yogas Glucklich
African percussion and djembe in English and German.
The German part also contains information and order form for book "Das Trommelbuch" and a cassette (both in German language)
redball.gif (326 bytes)Yoruba (10/04)
To cherish, uphold, and project the honor and dignity of Yoruba culture, language and tradition in Africa and the Diaspora
redball.gif (326 bytes) Yoruba House
5803 Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90034, 310-475-4440
 Yoruba House Drum & Dance Events
Location:                    Motherland Music Los Angeles, CA    
West African; Afro-Cuban; Afro-Haitian; Afro-Brazilian; Tribal; Rhythmaculture.  Facilitated by: Ayo & Carole Adeyemi
 Saturday Monthly Drum Circle   
Cost: $20                 
Directions:  Off I-10 - Santa Monica Freeway  between  La Cienega and Fairfax north side of Washington Blvd east of Adams west of Fairfax

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