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Posting Guidelines, Email address changes, Subscription & Unsubscription Information,
Translation Services, Search Engines, Help, etc.

This volume of the FAQ covers most of the basic questions raised by new members to the mailing list, or by those interested in subscribing.

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To post a message to Djembe-L Mail List:

Please send any and all "off the wall" List questions, or questionable posts to your Djembe-L Mod-Squad

R Clark - Captain of the Moderators
Alan Tauber
Debbie Gates
Janet Planet

TO UNSUBSCRIBE,  Send Blank Email To:

then click on "edit membership."

If you are having difficulty in UNSUBSCRIBING, write the moderators,  - NEVER the entire List.

When sending email to the Djembe-L List, NEVER send attachments: NO GIFS, JPGS, WAV, etc. NEVER send email in RTF (Rich Text Format). When posting an email to Djembe-L, please turn off all HTML formatting in your email application.
Go into your Preferences/Settings/whatever and turn off the automatic HTML. Those who receive the list in Digest form can't interpret the HTML; as it comes in as gibberish. Thank you for your consideration.

To post a message to Djembe-L Mail List:
To Set your individual email stats:

Djembe-L is a moderated list and is here to facilitate discussion and education related to West African percussion and to the music of the African Diaspora. Djembe-L is not a Newsgroup and does not welcome the unrestrained verbal 'free-for-all' that often occurs in them. The current Moderators are committed to maintaining an atmosphere that welcomes a wide range of discussion and opposing opinion, but is also very strongly committed to making sure that atmosphere on the list is respectful and civil, even during heated exchanges. If you can communicate your opinions and ideas while remaining open to opposing views, Welcome to Djembe-L.

Remember that the 'tone' of your words is not easily discernible in email. Please take some time to re-read your post (or your reply to an existing thread) to assure yourself that it does not insult, demean or slander others. Do make your point, or offer a counter argument, but do it with civility and respect for the opinion of others. Address the topic please, not the personality or behavior of the author.

Please refrain from name calling or the cyber equivalent of SHOUTING [typing in ALL CAPS]  or mudslinging during a heated discussion.  Demanding that people do something is not a productive way of communicating your wishes. Inflammatory posts, slurs, and verbal intimidation are not conducive to open discussion and the free flow of ideas and will not be tolerated in list discussion. Humor is appreciated but please remember that it is often difficult to convey via email and can easily be misinterpreted as an insult.

It is generally considered appropriate to send off-topic comments privately, but do not write privately to anyone who has asked you not to.

Do not publish private mail to the list without the express permission of all parties to that mail.

The Moderators may request that you continue discussion of what may have begun as a public topic via private mail, if it becomes apparent that the issue has dwindled to involve only a tiny group of list members.

Event Posting:  Please limit your announcement to
Djembe-L,  to 150 words.  We request that you have a web site for more information, sans that, please post your "lengthy" announcement in Word Format to our Shared Files and/or Calendar located at

We request that the following SUBJECT TITLES appear in SUBJECT LINE:
1) Always LIST CITY/STATE/COUNTRY in subject line (remember, we are a global list)
2) Always LIST the date
3) Always Use these abbreviations:
PERF = Concerts, Performances
WRKSHPS = Drum or Dance Workshops, mini-camps, etc.
CLS= Drum or Dance Classes
EV = Event
DC = Drum Circle
AD = Advertisement (limited to 75 words plus URL or Email for more info)



Your inclusion in this discussion group is a privilege, not a right; it can be revoked at any time by the Moderators.  Your subscription to Djembe-L indicates acceptance of these Guidelines.

If you fail to follow the Posting Guidelines you will be contacted privately by the listowner and given one (and only one) warning. Failure to heed that warning will result in your posting privileges to
Djembe-L being revoked for two weeks (14 day). There is no appeal to this action; it is at the sole discretion of the listowner. Cooperation with the Posting Guidelines will, within a few months time, expunge a previous warning or suspension.

If you persist in attempting to reach the list by posting from any other address during your suspension, including having your posts forwarded to the list by another subscriber, your actions will be considered harassment of the members of the list, and the listowner will take immediate action to block those addresses as well and will report your actions to the Postmaster or System Administrator of your Internet connection.

Should you continue to be unable to follow these Posting Guidelines after your suspension of posting has been lifted, you will be allowed one last warning to amend your posting manner. Failure to change your approach after this last warning will result in your immediate and permanent removal from list membership.


Our Djembe-L advertising policy is:

 (1) The best way to handle Advertising is to permit anyone to list a link with NO additional information except whatever is in the subject line.  
Djembe-L is NOT a vehicle for strictly advertising ones products to our readership. We expect a certain amount of dialogue, from the advertiser, before we accept an AD.
The subject line MUST have AD: at the front. 
Djembe-L Members can then post whatever they want to a web page and have people come in and look at it.  If Djembe-L Members are trying to make a profit on the Internet, they need a web page anyway, and most all the ISPs make FREE webspace available as part of the basic fee. ;  offers FREE WEB SPACE. For a modest fee, Djembe-L FAQ will offer you a web page on our web site. Email Webmaster for more details.

(2) ADS are limited to a total of 75 words, once a month with LINKS for more information.

(3) Our Djembe-L FAQ MALL accepts display advertising and classified Ads for a nominal fee.

(4) For more info on advertising, click here.


There is a free translation service on the web at:
it only translates so much at a time so you'll have to feed in the message in parts if you really want to know what it's about.

New experimental search engine called Google, which uses  weighted-link ranking techniques, thereby producing not the huge result lists with 75385 matches to your question.

    Google -

IBM is working on a similar search engine "Clever", not released yet. Info about "Clever" is to be found at:

    CLEVER -

This FAQ is maintained by HappyShel with a lot of help and input from many other members of the DJEMBE List. Errors, suggestions & additions to

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