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VERMONT Drum Teachers
West African Dance Classes


John Hughes
Kora Player & Percussionist
33 West St.
Brattleboro, VT 05301
(802) 254-4233
Traditional W. African music for jembe and dunun.
I teach weekly classes in Brattleboro, VT and in
Northhampton, MA.
Jeh Kulu Drum and Dance Ensemble.
(802) 862 6727
Classes are facilitated by the Jeh Kulu Dance & Drum Troupe.
(Traditional West African Drum & Dance)
Location:  Memorial Auditorium loft
Djembe Class:
Tuesday  5:30 pm
Djembe classes are taught by drummers from Ivory Coast & Guinea
Djembe class students may drum at Beginners' Dance classes.
Aviva Gabriel
Five Element Wellness
PO Box 1015
Norwich, VT 05055
T (802) 649-3123
WEB  (under construction)
Class Schedule, Location & Fees: $25.00/45 minutes individual session.  $15/60 minutes class.
Teachers Country of Origin and Village:
STYLE OF DRUM Description of Drum Classes: 
Using folkloric rhythms from West Africa and Cuba, I teach beginning to intermediate drum technique (with intense focus on developing "good hands" and a clear sound). 
I also offer workshops designed to build collaborative team skills; self-efficacy/esteem in teenagers; and spiritual/psychological regeneration for women. 
I teach children as well, with a focus on facilitating a sense of real success and accomplishment, a strong feel for rhythm, the ability to create/compose/improvise one's own rhythmic music, and as much serious technical skill as the child is committed to learning. 
My particular interest is in helping people succeed at drumming, regardless of their initial skills, belief in ability, or intrinsic strengths.  Everyone has a place in the drum ensemble, should they choose it, and I will help you find your niche!
Resumé of teacher:
Studied for 12 years with various teachers, including Hafiz Shabbaz, Steve Ferraris, Baba Olatunji, Abou Kounta, Ibrahim Camara, Yaya Diallo, Stuart Paton, John Amira, Los Munequitos de Matanzas drummers, and many other master drummers from Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Cuba, and Haiti. 
Performed with African-American Drum Ensemble, Compana Productions, Dartmouth Percussion Ensemble, Jeh Kulu, and drummed for a variety of dance classes throughout New England.
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