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Tennessee West African Dance Teachers

Chattanooga   Memphis
Christian Kofi Mawuko
Barking Legs Theater

Phone#:  (423)624-5347
Email Contact:
(one of his student's)
Class Schedule: 
Drumming -Weds 7 - 8pm/ 8 - 9pm
Dancing -Thurs 7 - 8:30pm
Fees:  $96 per semester
About Mawuko:   Christian Kofi Mawuko, a native of Ghana, W. Africa, began learning traditional African drums and dance at age 10.  He possesses a natural talent for singing, dancing and playing various musical instruments.   By the time he was 12 years old, Mawuko was performing as lead dancer and master drummer for the Kyirem Cultural Troupe, a West Africa based international touring company. At the age of 27, settled in London where he taught Ghanaian dance and drums at local preparatory schools, as well as workshops for the general public.  Now living in the US, he and his wife are members of Sankofa Cultural Dance Co.  Rebekah performed in the '96 Olympics and she writes, choreographs, and teaches African and modern dance.  In addition, he is employed as an education assistant at the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga, TN.
Style of Classes:  Traditional Ghanaian including background and philosophies.
CD Available: Don't Forget Your Culture (Sankofa)
Drums Available:  Djembe, Kpanlogo, alking, Agogo, Shakere, etc.
Tepaka "Sekou" Lunda
SCHOOL SCHEDULE, LOCATION & FEES:  Please visit web site for info.
STYLE OF DRUM: Djembe, Dunun
DESCRIPTION OF SCHOOL:  Learning of proper technique, history and traditional rhythms of Guinea and Mali.                        

RESUME' OF TEACHER:  A Native of Chicago IL.  Started playing Djembe at the age of 5 along with performing with the internationally known Chicago based company, Muntu Dance Theatre. There he studied and performed with the many master drummers from Africa and the US.  From there he performed with many other African dance companies traveling the continental US d! oing workshops, classes and performing.  His skill, seriousness and intellectual knowledge of his craft has gained him Respect and Honor to all that has come across his path.  Sekou is now based in the TN. area and has opened up a school dedicated to sharing and preserving Mandeng and Bambara Traditional Music.  The spirit and music of his Ancestors is what gives him the guidance and strength. 
Ed Haggard
teaches beginner and intermediate djembe and dundun.
Advanced players may have opportunities to play with The Love Drums Dansyobuttoff Percussion Ensemble
Nashville, TN
email ed at