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Rhode Island Drum Teachers
Bob Bloom
Tel: 860 429-9280

"Introduction to African Drumming" available at following adult education centers:
The Providence Learning Connection

Sidy Maiga
Providence, RI
Telephone: 218-502-7940 or 401-785-9066
Email:  or

Sidy is a master drummer from Mali, West Africa. He teaches classes for adults and children and his engaging style makes learning the djembe a real pleasure. Sidy lends drums for class time, or offers drums for sale.

Sidy is also available for workshops of all kinds, from corporate events to school programs. Please visit his website for more information.

Seydou Coulibaly
Award-Winning Master Dancer and Choreographer
(401) 431-6544
Every Sunday from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm at...
Brown University's Ashamu Dance Studio (class open to the public)
Between Brown and Thayer Streets just off of Waterman Street; follow the walkway -- located next to the greenhouse -- onto the green
    Seydou Coulibaly is uniquely qualified to teach and demonstrate West African dance and culture. Unlike most Africans who emmigrate to the United States today, Coulibaly was educated according to ancient tradition: rather than attend a school modeled on Western educational practices or based upon Qur'anic teachings, Coulibaly received his education from village elders, traditional rituals, initiations into secret societies, and master dance teachers in the Segu region of Mali. As a result of his studies, all of Coulibaly's work is thoroughly reserached and heavily steeped in folkloric tradition.
    The diffusion and disappearance of Mande culture due to the effects of colonization has lead to a lack of cultural knowledge by many of today's Malian performers. As a result a pan-West African neostylized popular dance form has emerged. With his knowledge, Coulibaly is able to maintain the distinction between Malian dance and culture and that of the surrounding West African countries.
    Seydou is available to teach workshops and master class throughout the country.  Whenever he teaches a class, he brings a djembe player to teach a drum (djembe) class as well.  He has also reestablished Troupe Komme Djosse
in America, having originally founded the performance group in Mali.  Komme
Djosse performs throughout the United States in the genres of dance, drumming, traditional music, and contemporary music which draws on Malian traditions.