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John Spuzzillo
4833 Farnhurst Road
Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124
No telephone number as of 5/08

fees: group $10.00/hour
individual $20.00/hour
teaches primarily conga and afro-cuban rhythms. Also djembe, ashiko, bells, clave, agogo, djun djun, shaker

P. Assegai Simms
14688 West 117th St #18
Lakewood, Ohio 44107
(216) 391-2063
teaches Malinke drumming: dununba, sangba, kenkeni and djembe


Charles Miller
C. I. C. Percussions
2401 Concord
Cincinatti, OH 45206
(513) 221-2222
teaches West African and Caribbean percussion

The Afrikan-American Drum and Dance Ensemble, teaches West African drum and dance classes EACH Saturday, 12:30-2:00
pm, at The West End YMCA. The West End YMCA is located 821 Ezzard Charles
Drive (down the street from the Museum Center) For more info call 513 281-7909

TEACHERS are: Lateefah Kituku
Ife Judkins
Melody Rembert
Lisa Rogers

The same group of teachers teach another Community African dance class on
SUNDAY 3:00-5:00 at Evanston Recreation Center, 3204 Woodburn Ave. For more
info call 861-9417
If you allow your heart and soul to dance, your feet will follow!


Office: (614)252-4941 ext 17
Email thru Varnie Karmo (

Professional Drummer, Dance Choreographer and Storyteller from Liberia,West Africa.  A graduate of Porro, the male secret society of Liberia, where he was instructed on traditional Drum and Dance techniques. KaiKpai is a former member of the National Dance Troupe of Liberia, West Africa and The Cultural Ambassadors of Liberia.  He is founder of Wonde Liberian Dance Troupe of Liberia and USA. Kaikpai has conducted personal workshops for such groups as the Muntu Dance Company of Chicago and Kothi of Milwaukee.

Teaches: Liberian Style Drumming and Music from the various ethnic groups. (ie. Vai, Bassa, Kpelle, Mandingo, Kru, etc)
   Emphasis on skill and technique for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced drummers on ALL hand drums. AVOID UNECCESSARY PAINFULL CALLOUSES AND BRUISES by learning PROPER TECHNIQUE.

Available for workshops and performances.  Call for pricing.

Kaikpai has recently released an albulm entitled:
KaiKpai Paasawe - Liberian Master Drummer

1. Roots I
2. Vai
3. Kpelle
4. Drum Talk
5. Bassa
6. Teayea
7. Moonlight
8. Roots II

Audio Tapes can be ordered from Kaikpai at:

Paasawe Productions
1830 Elaine Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43227
1 - 49 at $10 each Retail
50-up at $8.50 each Whole Sale

Linda Thomas-Jones
43205 East Broad Street
Toll free phone number 1-877-272-5807
Teacher with 30 years experience. Conga; Djembe; Shekere; Bell
Specializing in technique. Linda is also a wonderful teacher for young children in the area of creative and African based movements.
Classes are held on Saturday mornings and private lessons by request.

  Sogbety Diomande from the Ivory Coast

Djembe and Dun Dun Teacher
Masked dancer, Performance troupe, School assemblies, Private functions

Sogbety can teach private lessons or group lessons and can be reached
by calling 419-522-5058
His websites are   and