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The DrumConnection’s
Friday Drum Class
By the Banks of the River Charles

6:45PM to 8:15PM

Soldiers Field Road near the Publick Theater at the intersection of these fine towns:
(Allston, Watertown, Newton, Cambridge) Across from the Days Inn. Huge parking lot...can’t miss it!

Intermediate and Advanced students are invited to join us in explosive rhythm, groovin rhythm and solos...ALL under the beautiful trees and the Spring and (soon) Summer Sun. The location is great and the spectators often cheer and applaud!

Now don’t be intimidated by all that applause. EVERYBODY is invited to try this at least once no matter WHAT you think your skill level is. It’s simply a lot of fun and a great way to schedule your ‘outside time’ while doing something you love!

This will be a pay as you go class. $15 each session. If you wish, you may simply have your classes charged to your credit card when you attend by giving us the approval to do so. It is a simple way for all. Or you may pay at the class. We will have an ‘attendence taker’ and they will be in charge of the $$. That way when I talk with you it can be about drums and drumming!!!

So that’s the deal. The old days are back! No performance group for this semester. However we do have some gigs lined up so we will want to bring the PG together for those.

We were there at the river last Friday and it was so wonderful. Everybody smiling and taking in the beauty of Spring...listening to the drums, the children, the river was a magical night. Come join us for more.

IMPORTANT!!! You MUST call 781-862-6675 AFTER 4PM on every Friday night to be sure that class is ON! We MAY have a rain place at CFS or we may not!!! We MAY have to move the location to Memorial Drive. BUT the message will tell you what’s up. We go through this every year so be sure....CALL.

Other things to note:

You MUST bring a folding chair. If you want to be comfortable DON’T use a camping stool. Get a traditional metal folding chair at Super Stop and Shop, Kmart or office type store. They are the best. Then keep the chair in your car for the Summer!

Water, tape recorder (hey, maybe batteries and tape too:), jacket, bug juice, I would wear log pants at this time of year, and your drum!!!

See you Friday, I really hope.


The DrumConnection MAKES the BEST jembes from shells imported from Mali, Guinea and the Ivory Coast. We also carry Senegalese jembes that are expertly carved and have great tone. Prices are from $200 to $550 for the profesional ones. Go to our scheduler and make a no obligation appointment to come see and HEAR why they are the best around. Some drum companies (who make djembes themselves!) have told me that mine are the best. They must know something!! The appoinment is free with no obligation to buy anything. When you leave you will be educated in what makes a good drum and how does it play and sound. Ask my students who have used this even get a tip or two on tone production and technique!


Other DC events:

Drum-Jam Potluck
Saturday May 19th
5PM to 8PM

Cambridge Friends School
Bring real food and we let you in for free.
Bring a bottle of water and it will cost you only $5 to come in. Hey, what?
We also planning to hear from our beginner students just graduating from theier respective classes in Newton, Brookline and the set of Cambridge classes. The Performance Group as well as Beyond Beginners and Debbie’s RSD class may also present a number or two. We will keep the performance time to a minimum. Then the EarthDrum Councils D & D follows at 8PM down the road a piece at The First Church at 11 Garden Street! You can drum your head off that night!!!
DrumConnection’s (Awesome)
June 3rd Playshop (Intensive fun drumming experience-a daylong event!)
June 3rd
10AM to 5PM
Friendly Crossways
Littleton, MA
FANTASTIC lunch included
$80 before May 21st
$95 after
REGISTER NOW...Sold out last TWO times! Limited space.

Alan Tauber
The DrumConnection
Mailing address:
17 Holland Street
Lexington, MA 02421
Studio located at:
Arlington Center for the Arts
And visit:
To make an appointment with Alan for a Private Lesson or Drum Consultation please visit:
Or you may simply call me to set up an appointment :-)