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Dan Gregg

2027 Laurence Ct NE
Iowa City, IA 52240-9150
Fax : (319)-338-0367
email :
Style of Drumming: Guinean, Djembe, Ashiko, Djun-Djuns, Shekere
Private Lessons = $25 for 1 1/2 hrs
Group Fees = $10 for 1 1/2 hours

 Fonsiba Koster
 411 1/2 North B St.
Fairfield, IA, 52556
 866-618-1954   or  641-472-8536
FAX  641-472-8536
EMAIL contact  
URL  Coming Soon...
Class Schedule, Location & Fees:  Fonsiba travels all over the Midwest offering a wide variety of workshops for schools and for the general public (see below).  She will also travel anywhere in the country.  Please email her for current schedules.

STYLE OF DRUM:  West African jembe drum ensemble including jembes, doun douns, bells etc.

Description of Drum Classes: 
*   "African Hand Drumming for Kids" - school assemblies, teaching residencies and public workshops
*   "African Hand Drumming and CHARACTER COUNTS! sm" - character building workshops for schools
*   "The Heart of African Drumming" -  adult workshops for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
*   "Healing through Drumming, Rhythm and Sound" - public workshops
*   Community Healing Drum Rituals
*   Family and Community Drum Circles

Fonsiba provides the following for her workshops;
*  30 hand carved jembe drums from the Ivory Coast, plus douns and bells 
*  Her new video "Gifts from Mother Africa" which documents her recent trip to the Ivory Coast, living with a Bambara family of                
   drummers and drumming with them at traditional African weddings.
*  Her "African Home Display" which contains all the items used in a typical West African home for cooking, eating, cleaning,
    washing, sitting and sleeping. 

Resumé of teacher (25 words):

Fonsiba has been teaching and performing on African hand drums since 1995. She has conducted over 300 African drumming programs in schools throughout the Midwest and is listed on the Arts in Education Roster with the Iowa, Illinois and Missouri Arts Councils. She also utilizes African drumming to present character building workshops in schools through the nationwide CHARACTER COUNTS!sm program.  

Fonsiba has a B.A. in music education and has studied extensively with master drummers from the West African countries of Mali, Guinea, Senegal and the Ivory Coast. For the past 6 years she trained regularly with Madou Dembele from Mali and the Ivory Coast. In 2002-2003, she and Madou toured Midwest schools together and gave public performances with Madou's drum troupe Super Yankadi. Fonsiba then spent 6 weeks in the Ivory Coast, apprenticing with Madou's older brother Dramane, and performing with him at 3-5 traditional African weddings each week. She has since completed her first documentary video about her experiences in West Africa entitled "Gifts from Mother Africa".

Fonsiba has also spent over 10 years exploring the use of drumming and sound as a healing tool, studying with numerous healers from Eastern and Native American traditions. While in Africa, she received a powerful spirit initiation from an ancestral lineage which uses the jembe drum for healing. She is currently being trained by her African elders in how to access the healing properties of the jembe and how to impart this to others. Fonsiba is a certified practitioner of Jyoti Atman, a shamanic healing practice from India, and a member of the Seneca Wolf Clan.  She gives public Healing Sounds concerts with drums, didgeridoos, shakers, bells, vocal chants, and Tibetan bowls and chimes. She also has a private healing practice in Jyoti Atman/Healing Sounds.